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We specialize in 1/25th scale dealer promotional model cars.

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Final Clearance of Promos

April 8, 2021
OK, we're down to 100 promos remaining in the current inventory. My plan is to reduce the prices of all of these promos weekly until they're all sold. Prices will be reduced by about 5% starting on Monday, April 12, and will be reduced by about 5% each Monday thereafter. When the price gets to the point that you'd like to pay, you can jump in and buy that particular model, assuming that it's still available. But, be sure not to wait too long :O) Please note: there will be no further discounting ahead of the weekly reductions. Have fun!

Since announcing my upcoming retirement, sales have been phenomenal-thanks VERY much to all of you who have been supportive!! I need to let it be known that I couldn't resist temptation-I've bought another collection. I do indeed plan to retire, but this collection was right here in western PA, so I "had" to buy. Before I start listing any of the promotional models on the site, my intention is to sell off the rest of the original inventory that remains. Prices will be reduced occasionally as needed until all are gone. In the meantime, I'll be listing unbuilt and built kits on the site. I've priced these kits below market value in order to move them out more quickly. The kits have been inspected (quickly)for the main stock parts. If there was any problem found, the issue will be noted. I haven't taken detailed photos so as to save time and keep the prices low. If I have to spend more time with the kits, the prices would have to be increased accordingly. I'm open to offering a discount on group purchases of (4) or more kits. Please inquire. Thanks Joe

First of all Happy New Year to all!

After 40+ years of dealing in promo models, I've decided that it's finally time to move on. As things stand right now, I plan to continue to sell my remaining inventory until all items are sold. which I expect to take several more months. It's not likely that I'll be buying any additional collections, but if something extremely tempting happens to come along, who knows. But please don't count on it.

I really appreciate all of the friends whom I've gotten to know through this hobby over the years. It's been quite an enjoyable experience-Thank You All so much!! Joe

New Additions

 Ungar Racer Kit thumbnail
New! Unbuilt Kit

Ungar Racer Kit

• Eldon
 Fox Go-boy Cart thumbnail
New! Unbuilt Kit

Fox Go-boy Cart

• Hawk
1907 Mack 7 Ton Truck thumbnail
New! Unbuilt Kit

1907 Mack 7 Ton Truck

• Premier
1964 Buick Wildcat Hardtop thumbnail
New! Unbuilt Kit

1964 Buick Wildcat Hardtop

• Amt Kit